System Scan

Do your testing devices meet our minimum system requirements?

System Scan takes a deep dive and then surfaces with details about how your device’s browsers, operating systems, device specs and more comply with our general system requirements.

During testing, students will need to use Questar’s secure testing browser to access the testing material. The browser portion of this scan applies only to Questar testing administration sites and not to the actual tests themselves.

The System Scan is designed to validate Desktop and Laptop device configurations. See the system requirements for additional detail about Chromebook and Tablet devices.

System Scan

Apple macOS and iPadOS users must scan using the Google Chrome browser.

Device Information

Applies to both the Questar administrative portal and the student testing experience.

  • System Type 
  • Operating System 
  • Operating System Version 
  • Screen Resolution 
Browser Information

Only applies to the Questar administration portal

  • Browser 
  • Version 
  • Accepting Cookies?