We Work Even Better Together

Good partnerships make us more effective, more efficient, and better able to deliver on the commitments we make to clients. We partner in two ways:

  • As a subcontractor or vendor to other assessment providers
  • By subcontracting to select organizations that offer specialized services complementary to our own

Increase Business Opportunities by Adding Our Services to Your Capabilities

Other assessment providers enlist our services to boost their own capabilities. Adding Nextera® to their toolkit as a white-labeled or “Powered by Questar” assessment platform — on its own or as a computerized adaptive testing engine to drive third-party assessment products, or scanning and hand scoring — helps them gain new business that once seemed out of reach.

Join Our Outstanding Team of Partners

We work with the best partners in the industry, and we are always looking for additional organizations to help us serve our clients. Our team of vendors and subcontractors supports us by:

  • Contributing to the quality and efficiency of item development and review efforts
  • Helping facilitate meetings and item writer workshops with teachers from our client states
  • Creating and finding high quality items
  • Translating test forms and other testing materials
  • Providing required independent reviews and analysis of our assessments, where needed