Delivering Exceptional Experiences

We Make Every Customer Interaction Outstanding

While we build each assessment program on the foundation of our proven processes and best practices, we leave room for every client’s unique needs. We work with our clients to orchestrate a truly outstanding experience by being both responsive and consultative. Our ability to surprise and delight takes on even greater significance during testing time, when the stakes are high and the pressure is on. When clients need us most, we come through with unique ways to make the assessment process as stress-free as possible.

Exceptional Program Design

Our program design process, informed by more than 40 years of practice, is replicable and process driven. But that doesn’t means there’s no room in there for our clients’ unique needs, standards, and goals. Our highly-credentialed assessment services staff infuses excellence to build our programs to accommodate configurability where it makes sense and flexibility where it will have the most positive impact.

Assessment services staff also provide professional development and coaching for the programs we offer to involve local educators in the assessment process, from item writer workshops to item review, and more.

Expert Program Management

Our best-in-class program management team mans the front lines, facilitating communications between clients and teammates back at headquarters and partnering with assessment services on the assessment design process.

Online Assessment Delivery

Nextera®, our third-generation, end-to-end, online testing system offers exceptional scalability, security, and ease of use, while integrating a student test interface, administrative portal, and reporting capabilities.

Paper/Pencil Assessment Delivery

More than 1,520,000,000 test pages scanned.

More than 85,000,000 printed documents produced.

More than 400,000 students tested via paper/pencil during the 2016 spring testing season — in New York alone!

Because we remain 100 percent committed to paper/pencil testing, we are the best in the industry — bar none. Our operations and publishing departments work like well-oiled machines, seamlessly integrating with other areas of functional expertise like assessment services and scoring and reporting. The team carries off paper/pencil maneuvers in the areas of design, printing, secure packing and shipping, and collection of materials for scoring and reporting with great precision.

Customer Service

Our customer support is more than just professional problem solving. It’s a proactive process executed by our industry-leading staff to minimize problems — and to take care of them quickly, efficiently, and with empathy for our client’s needs and concerns when they do arise.

Prior to testing season, state partners with online large-scale summative Grades K–8 programs receive a visit from a technical readiness expert. This specialist will assess our client’s technical setup and suggest improvements to make online testing as glitch-free as possible.

Questar’s in-state Local Assistance, Support, and Readiness (LASR) teams provide immediate, in-person guidance and assistance to local education agencies during online, large-scale, K–8 testing as a complement to Questar’s remote support options. LASR team members focus on technical problem solving, but their work may include providing information, consulting, and guidance, too. New York and Mississippi were the first clients to have their very own LASR teams during the 2016 spring testing season.

Finally, if you’re a client and you need instructions to register students on Nextera, want to know when your testing materials will be delivered, or find that something isn’t working quite as you expected, we’re always just a phone call, email, or chat away.