Bridging Learning and Accountability

We Put Children at the Center of Our Assessments

We’ve spent more than 40 years single-mindedly focused on the art and science of the educational assessment — considering from all angles how the assessment process could work better for states, districts, teachers, students, and parents.

Through an ever-changing assessment landscape, Questar has never lost sight of the fact that there is a child behind every assessment we deliver, and we take action to ensure that our end-to-end assessment process — from delivery to results — translates into actionable data maximized for continued learning, growth, and mastery.

Innovative Test Design

If there is a better way to assess students, we will champion it. For example, as a company we are committed to investing in distributed test design (DTD). We see it as the future of assessment and we are ahead of the curve on delivering on its extraordinary promise.

DTD offers many benefits to students and educators. By spreading assessments across a school year, students are assessed more frequently on materials covered most recently in the classroom, rather than facing one high-stakes (and potentially pressure-packed!) year-end assessment. In the DTD scenario, results come back to teachers more quickly so they can offer more timely intervention.

DTD is not just a theoretical exercise for Questar. We are already putting it to use with clients who have come to expect a progressive point of view and a steady stream of innovation from us.


By applying our collective expertise to the analysis of assessment results, we can deliver insights in ways that turn data into easy-to-understand reports that help guide teachers in their instructional decision-making.

  • We can map student results to any number of third-party tests for multi-measure comparability across states.
  • We are able to link summative and interim results to provide a visual representation of achievements and trends.
  • We can create deceptively simple data visualizations that make even the most complex results understandable and actionable.
  • We can convert student results into meaningful instructional pointers that help teachers get their struggling student back on the road to mastery or enhance student mastery even further.

Involving Educators

We encourage our clients to build educator involvement into their assessment program in ways that make the most sense for them and best meet their individual needs. Fostering peer-to-peer training in assessment best practices and increasing understanding of how daily classroom work aligns with state standards of college or career readiness are among the many rewards for making local educators an integral part of the process.

Scoring Capabilities

The consequences of every assessment score and the weight it can have on a student’s future makes precise scoring — every time, with no exceptions — one of our greatest responsibilities as an assessment partner. The industry experts that make up our scoring services team work with proven processes and innovative online applications to achieve outstanding results.

  • Our test scorer training, scoring processes, and support systems are benchmarked against industry standards and meet the requirements of the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. Our scoring processes also adhere to the Quality Control Checklist for Processing, Scoring, and Reporting developed by the Council of Chief State School Officers/State Collaborative on Assessment and Student Standards (CCSSO/SCASS).

We are the only assessment provider with the scalability and expertise to hand score high volumes of extended response, essay, and performance tasks. We continue to place a high premium on hand scoring because, in spite of the rising popularity of online testing, hand scoring is becoming anything but obsolete. In fact, it’s not even just for paper/pencil assessments anymore. An increasing number of performance tasks in online testing require a level of discernment for accurate scoring that only the human touch can provide.

  • Our proprietary, state-of-the art scoring application, ScorePoint, ensures secure, efficient hand-scoring that meets clients’ needs. The highly-configurable system allows for customized response or portfolio workflow, and every aspect of work within the system can be monitored and reported on in real time.
  • We regularly score more than 13.5 million constructed responses within the four-month, long-peak testing season. That translates into approximately 153,409 responses per day. We have also scored more than 30,000 alternate assessment portfolios within a two-month period.
  • We deliver scoring results to clients faster than any other assessment provider. After we receive notice that testing is complete for a particular subject area or assessment, we promise scoring results in two business days for online tests, and in seven business days from receipt of materials for paper/pencil test forms.
  • We have successfully implemented distributed scoring by training local educators in Alaska, Indiana, Kansas, and New York to score their own state’s tests using the ScorePoint application.

We’ve even worked with state clients to push the boundaries of scoring innovation — like the Collection of Evidence tool we developed for the South Dakota Test of Educational Progress (DSTEP) Alternate Science Assessments.