The process of becoming a scorer at Questar is not a new topic for me, and in previous blogs I have attempted to give a first-hand glimpse at the qualifications it takes to set foot through our doors. That process of grooming good scorers has taken years — and like a fine wine we are ready to pop the cork and begin a new spring.

With the great legacy and foundation our hand-scoring department was built on, we have reached that moment when we can look back and say “We did it!” We successfully staffed our spring projects with approximately 700 returning temporary seasonal staff with no recruiting events or open houses and without having to place a single ad. Our reputation speaks for itself and as we continue to grow in the assessment industry, it becomes even more important for us to extol the great people we employ here. Last summer, I stated that “I feel a sense of pride in how Questar has always hand-selected seasonal scoring staff that remains loyal, dedicated, and reliable in a world that has gone test crazy.” Nothing could speak more to that loyalty than stories such as the scorer who moved to another state, yet is making arrangements to stay with family for the few weeks that we can utilize his experience and expertise. Or how about the scorer who takes a leave of absence from their full-time job because they love the people they work with here and also feel passionate about the work they do for our clients. The list goes on and on of heart-felt and touching stories of people who really care – who year after year look forward to doing their part in this important task of scoring student responses.

As we continue to grow our reputation and our business, we will continue to expand our Questar family of seasonal veterans. Word of mouth is a powerful tool, and spring is just the beginning of our busy year. If focusing your time on work that is meaningful beyond measures appeals to you, come check us out! We’d love to have you join our team!