Meet the Leaders Guiding Our Strategy and Mission

Brendan Kealey

Chief Information Officer

In his role as chief information officer, Brendan Kealey establishes and directs the strategic long-term goals, policies, and procedures of Questar Assessment’s team of technology engineering and delivery professionals, along with analyzing our current technology design, development, administration, and data management for accuracy and efficiency. In addition, he leads and collaborates with internal staff and external business partners to measure and optimize system and resource use and allocation. Brendan is also responsible for the selection of suitable technology to streamline all internal operations, planning the implementation of new systems and providing guidance to technology professionals and other staff within the organization to ensure the success of this program.

For more than 20 years, Brendan has held many roles within information technology, including the direction of information technology for the high stakes large-scale assessment industry. Having successfully designed, implemented, and supported online test administrations for years, he brings vision and direction to advance our product delivery. Brendan co-authored several patents, including Semi-Network Independent Educational Electronic Exam Engine, Electronic Transmissions with Intermittent Network Connections, and Conditioned Transmission of Query Responses and Connection Assessments. He holds a Masteir of Business Administration in marketing, a Master of Arts in management information systems, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in management information systems all from the University of Iowa Tipple College of Business.