Degrees of Reading Power

Screening, Benchmarking, and Evaluating in One Powerful Literacy Assessment

How Degrees of Reading Power Works

Degrees of Reading Power® is a quick, simple measure of literacy skills, meant to measure a student’s comprehension of text passages. While many other assessments test reading “skills,” like phonetics, vocabulary, and mastery of sentence structure, DRP measures a student’s overall ability to comprehend and critically absorb passages of text.

DRP scores are precise, reliable indicators of student reading comprehension. On a scale from 1-100, DRP scores are aligned to grade level entry and exit levels, so educators can use it as a screener, progress monitor, and end-of-grade growth measure.

While state English language arts (ELA) tests provide only a static snapshot of student proficiency at the year’s end, DRP — available online or in paper/pencil format — tells the dynamic story of each student’s reading growth throughout the school year. DRP online provides longitudinal reports to track a student’s reading growth over multiple years, .

Many educators structure their DRP administrations this way — but if your district runs on a different schedule, or if the reading goals for your students require a unique timeline, DRP can be administered whenever it works best for you.

Degrees of Reading Power Tools

Degrees of Reading Power is more than just an assessment program. We have incorporated several tools into the DRP solution that can help educators apply the insights they receive from DRP scores and reports.

“Reading comprehension is a basic skill. If you don’t have comprehension, the other components of literacy development are suspect or problematic.”

Dr. Ken Eastwood

Superintendent, Enlarged City School District of Middletown

“…what’s really cool about the program is that it raises a red flag when students are not able to comprehend at their grade level, enabling teachers to perform additional diagnostic testing and make well-informed instructional decisions.”

Carmen Rodriguez

Analyst - Office of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment, Fresno Unified School District

DRP Text Analyzer

Do you want to know the DRP text difficulty level of a specific book, article, or other text used in your classroom? Plug any 200-word passage of text into the DRP Text Analyzer tool, and it will give you a precise DRP text difficulty score — the DRP score a student would need to achieve in order to independently comprehend that text.

DRP Booklink

Are you looking for the perfect book to assign in your class, at the appropriate DRP difficulty level? DRP Booklink is a database of thousands of books, grouped by DRP score. Simply type in any DRP score, and DRP Booklink will produce an extensive list of book titles at that level of text difficulty.