We Are a Different Type of Educational Assessment Company
Navigating student assessment practice, policy, and analysis can be a challenge. That’s why you need a partner to inform your assessment program with a compelling strategy, to guard against system failures and scoring errors, and to hold itself accountable for the security of the assessment process, all while putting responsive service at the center of your assessment program.

Everything we do — the way we develop our technology, our approach to program design and management, the services that differentiate us, and more — serves to make our clients’ assessments as fair, as tightly tied to state standards, and as meaningful as possible. Because assessments have a direct impact on students’ futures, we make sure that every step in the process is done right. And because we take that responsibility seriously, we continue to refine our expertise and apply it to:

K–8 Large Scale Summative (K–8)

Explore our work in statewide
English language arts, mathematics,
and science assessments

End-of-Course (EOC)

See how individual student’s and collective groups’
mastery of specific content areas
measures up to their peers

Alternate (ALT)

Allow students with cognitive disabilities
to demonstrate what they know and uncover areas
where they need additional work