DRP Core Comprehension Tests

DRP Core Comprehension Tests consist of carefully constructed nonfiction paragraphs or passages on a variety of topics. Words have been intentionally omitted from these paragraphs and passages. Students are asked to fill the conceptual gap by selecting the correct word from a set of multiple-choice options.

  • All forms of DRP tests, from grade 1 to grade 12+, measure the same construct of reading.
  • The criterion-referenced score scale describes what students are able to read
  • DRP tests are not timed, which means slow readers are not penalized – however, most readers are able to finish a DRP test in a single class period
  • Student performance can also be reported in terms of national percentiles, stanines, and Normal Curve Equivalents (NCEs)
  • DRP tests enjoy broad applicability – more than 4 million are administered annually

DRP Core Comprehension tests results can be used to:

  • Select instructional materials
  • Inform parents about their child’s reading performance
  • Set performance standards
  • Measure student progress
  • Conduct evaluations of specific programs, such as Title I

Selecting test forms and levels often involves some degree of compromise. For continuity of measurement and to provide the most reliable assessment for the greatest number of students, the test forms center on the ability of the students in each grade.

At each testing level, two forms of equal difficulty (A and B) are available for pre- and post-testing. These forms replace the previous J and K series of test forms. The easiest DRP test forms – 2A and 2B – should be used only after students have mastered decoding skills.



DRP tests are often administered to students by colleges or universities for one or more of the following reasons:

  • To place students into adult basic education (ABE) or GED programs of study
  • To place entering students in remedial or developmental reading courses
  • To exempt entering students or place them into honors English
  • To document student growth

For these purposes, DRP Test Forms 10A and 10B usually will be appropriate.