DRP Scoring

Questar provides complete scoring and reporting services to meet the needs of DRP test users.
Because DRP test results describe what students are able to read, Questar can report the results in relation to “real world” performance benchmarks or in relation to literacy standards and goals set by districts. The sample reports shown below illustrate this capability.
Questar's scoring services are designed to be flexible. A basic fee covers the scanning and scoring of tests and the printing of one roster of student test results. You select the additional services and reports that best meet your local reporting objectives.
Questar offers:
  • Scanning, scoring, and standard reports within 15 business days
  • Choice of score reports – including rosters, individual narrative reports, performance charts, students’   labels, and parent reports, and group summary reports and profiles
  • Preprinting of class identification sheets and student information on DRP answer sheets and barcode labels for machine-scorable DRP booklets
  • Customized score reports, tailored to meet your needs

Basic Service
A basic fee is charged for scanning, scoring, error resolving, and providing one roster of results for each DRP test administered. Optional services and additional reports may be added.
Basic Optional Services
There are four Basic Options you may wish to consider to meet the particular reporting require­ments of your school or district. All prices are per student unless otherwise stated.
  • Basic Option 1: Local Goals and Standards
    A written description of your district’s standards and cut scores is required.
  • Basic Option 2: Local Percentile Ranks
    A minimum of 100 students per grade is needed for this option. National norms are displayed as well, unless otherwise requested.
  • Basic Option 3: Special Codes
    Produce score reports for subgroups of students disaggregated by ethnicity/race, special pro­grams, or other variables. Call Questar for assistance in using special codes in the Teacher Use Only field of answer sheets, consumable test booklets, and identification sheets.
  • Basic Option 4: Match Student Data
    Display student test scores from fall and spring of same year, or match data over two years to produce longitudinal reports. Student score gains may be included on certain score reports.
Additional Optional Services
FREE Preprinting! Questar will preprint school information on Identification Sheets and student names or ID numbers on DRP answer sheets at no charge for scoring customers. This will reduce the work for teachers, speed scoring orders, and eliminate the need for students to "bubble in" their information.
Preprinted barcode labels for DRP machine-scorable booklets are also available, for a small fee.
Please submit school and student data to Questar Scoring Services at least 6 weeks prior to the test date so that the identification sheets and answer sheets or barcode labels can be prepared and mailed to you in sufficient time. Call Questar Cus­tomer Service at (800) 800-2598 for file format specifications.
Return of Answer Documents Questar Scoring Services retains answer documents for 60 days following completion of scoring and reporting. Schools wishing to have their answer documents returned in bulk must order this service at the same time scoring is ordered.
Results Data CD Schools and districts requir­ing student test data in an electronic format may order a CD of students' test results. Data include DRP scores at five levels of comprehension, item response string, national norms, and student in­formation. Data can be easily imported into local database programs, including Excel and Access.
All prices are per student unless otherwise stated