Reading Comprehension

Measure What Matters with Degrees of Reading Power

Academic Success Depends on Literacy Skills

It’s that simple – to be successful learners, students must be able to comprehend the texts assigned to them, regardless of the subject. Degrees of Reading Power is a quick, easy-to-administer assessment of each student’s cornerstone literacy skills, engineered to deliver insights on the roots of the academic performance in your district.

Measure Reading Comprehension

How Degrees of Reading Power measures reading comprehension.

Common Core Alignment and Text Complexity

Assess reading comprehension aligned to Common Core State Standards and text complexity requirements.

Online Delivery

Deliver Degrees of Reading Power online for a quick, seamless testing experience – and get full reports within 24 hours.

Scoring and Reporting

Choose Degrees of Reading Power scoring options that meet your needs and get reports that draw a connection between assessment and instruction.

What Makes Degrees of Reading Power Effective?

Accurate Measurement of Reading Comprehension

The program links students’ reading comprehension scores to a scale of increasing text complexity. As a universal screener and growth monitor, it provides actionable data that inform instruction and drive higher levels of reading achievement.

Verified Validity

The program has a well-established pedigree, having been used for decades in tens of thousands of classrooms, including since 1979 as the New York State Regents Competency Test in Reading. It also has the most important industry approval of today, having been confirmed by the Council of Chief State School Officers as a valid measure of text complexity.

Close Reading Skills Development

The reading tasks in the program’s assessments require thought and analysis rather than response and reaction, which supports the development of close reading skills. The reports it provides can help you understand how well students make meaning from text while they are reading it. Both align with the goals of the Common Core State Standards.

Degrees of Reading Power Includes


Delivered via paper and pencil or online with the Questar Assessment System — to measure reading comprehension and monitor the growth of readers in grades 2 to 12 and adults.


Show individual performance; profiles at the district, school, class or teacher level; an alphabetical roster of how all students are measuring up; and diagnostic summary reports aligned to Common Core State Standards.

Professional Development

Workshops and webinars on how to use your Degrees of Reading Power results and effective instructional strategies to boost reading comprehension.

Use assessment to drive better reading comprehension and academic success.

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