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Questar Assessment Inc. to Administer
ELPA21 K-12 Summative Assessments for
State of Kansas in Spring 2016


Location: Minneapolis, MN

Date: February 10, 2015

Questar Assessment Inc. will administer the spring 2016 English Language Proficiency Assessment for the 21st Century (ELPA21) summative assessments for grades K–12 for the State of Kansas.

The ELPA21 assessments will test the competency of English language learners (ELLs) in the four domains of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Questar’s innovative computer-based tests will use voice recording and other technology-enhanced items to measure the students’ English language proficiency.

Questar Assessment administered the ELPA21 field test for all 11 ELPA21 consortium states in 2015 to guide the development of the consortium’s English language proficiency assessment.

“We are honored to continue our work with the State of Kansas beyond the ELPA21 field tests, to the first administration of ELPA21 assessments this spring,” said Jamie Post Candee, president and chief executive officer of Questar Assessment Inc. “We look forward to assisting the State of Kansas as it delivers on its ongoing commitment of service to English language learners.”

Questar Assessment Inc. brings prior knowledge of the ELPA21 standards through its work with the 11-state ELPA21 consortium’s 2014–2015 field tests, as well as a history of success in ELL summative assessments previously conducted for Florida, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, New York, and Utah, and ELL scoring for the University of Michigan.

About Questar Assessment Inc.

Questar Assessment Inc. is a K–12 assessment solutions provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability. We take a fresh and innovative approach to meaningful assessment design, delivery, scoring, analysis, and reporting. And we are reimagining how assessments can empower educators by giving them the insights they need to improve instruction and fully prepare students for college or career. Our high-quality, reliable assessment products and services are easily scaled and tailored to meet the specific needs of states and districts needs at an unprecedented value. Educators trust our high-performing teams and dependable technology to minimize risks and ensure success for states, districts, schools, and students. Questar is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and can be reached at or 800-800-2598.

About ELPA21

ELPA21 is a consortium of 11 states developing an assessment system to equip English language learners, teachers, and families with the tools and support students need for college and career readiness. The consortium — Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, and West Virginia — is basing its assessment system on the new English Language Proficiency Standards, which reflect the recent research and progress made in the study and development of English language proficiency. ELPA21 is collaborating with the Understanding Language Initiative of Stanford University; the National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing of the University of California, Los Angeles; and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The Oregon Department of Education is the lead state agency, and CCSSO is the project management partner. Please visit for more information.