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Questar Assessment Inc. Launches Its Next-Generation Assessment
Platform Designed Around the Needs of 21st Century Educators


Location: Minneapolis, MN

Date: August 27, 2015

Questar Assessment Inc., a K–12 assessment provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability, announces the release of Nextera, its next-generation assessment system that combines cutting-edge technology insights with decades of test delivery success into an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Built for exceptionally high levels of scalability, responsiveness and reliability — and audited by two outside experts to validate its efficacy — Nextera’s core technology has been put to the test by multiple states, including the 10-state ELPA21 English Language Learner consortia.

Earlier this year, the core technology upon which the Nextera delivery platform was built received the APIP v1 Content Package Conformance and the APIP v1 Delivery Conformance by the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s QTI (Question and Test Interoperability)/APIP (Accessible Protocol) Alliance certifications, based on the system’s number of student accommodations and its level of compatibility with third-party test items. Its large set of student tools, from the highlighter and protractor to magnify and zoom features, and more, ensures that students of all abilities have the help they need at their fingertips. Finally, with security always on the minds of the customers Questar serves, the platform was developed to anticipate complications such as loss of Internet access, system overload, or cyber-attacks and deploy safeguards that keep assessments running without interruptions.

“As an assessment provider, we are always looking for innovative ways to refine and improve the testing experience for our customers,” said Jamie Post Candee, President and Chief Executive Officer of Questar Assessment Inc. “We developed Nextera to provide seamless testing on a single online system; to minimize the test-day stress of teachers and students; and to deliver a truly superior assessment.”

About Questar Assessment Inc.

Questar Assessment Inc. is a K–12 assessment solutions provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability. We take a fresh and innovative approach to meaningful assessment design, delivery, scoring, analysis, and reporting. And we are reimagining how assessments can empower educators by giving them the insights they need to improve instruction and fully prepare students for college or career. Our high-quality, reliable assessment products and services are easily scaled and tailored to meet the specific needs of states and districts needs at an unprecedented value. Educators trust our high-performing teams and dependable technology to minimize risks and ensure success for states, districts, schools, and students. Questar is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and can be reached at or 800-800-2598.