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Questar Assessment Inc. Customer Service Center Awarded BenchmarkPortal Center of Excellence Certification


Location: Minneapolis, MN

Date: September 28, 2015

Questar Assessment Inc., a K–12 assessment provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability, announces its certification as a Center of Excellence by BenchmarkPortal, one of the most prestigious institutions in the customer service and support industry.

“We worked for a year to achieve this certification, refining our processes with each BenchmarkPortal evaluation,” said Jamie Post Candee, President and CEO of Questar Assessment Inc. “Our customer service center demonstrated grace and grit under the intense scrutiny required to measure up to BenchmarkPortal’s requirements, and I speak for everyone at Questar when I say that we all take great pride in this accomplishment.”

Questar Assessment received this certification by meeting or surpassing rigorous standards. The BenchmarkPortal team audited and verified Questar’s contact center’s key performance indicators, and judged them against a balanced scorecard of metrics for efficiency and effectiveness. This strictly “by the numbers” assessment, ensures that only call centers demonstrating superior performance on both cost-related and quality-related metrics compared with their industry peers earn the Center of Excellence certification. This differs from other types of contact center certifications that typically focus on less results oriented measures, such as process handling methods and procedures.

“The certification of Questar Assessment is a direct result of its leadership’s commitment to balancing cost-effective service solutions with best-in-class service performance. It is an achievement of distinction,” said Bruch Belfiore, CEO of BenchmarkPortal.

About Center of Excellence Certification
Contact centers and their managers who wish to implement best practices and attain world-class performance in their industry have a unique opportunity to certify their call centers. BenchmarkPortal’s rigorous certification process has the advantage of referencing all performance goals to their best practice database of thousands of contact centers. Thus, contact centers will be held to performance levels that will improve their competitive position, not just force them to adhere to an arbitrary standard. Please follow this link to discover what the steps to certification are and how BenchmarkPortal will improve your center’s performance.

About BenchmarkPortal
Founded in 1995, BenchmarkPortal is a global leader in the contact center industry, providing benchmarking, certification, training, consulting, research, and industry reports. The BenchmarkPortal team of professionals has gained international recognition for its innovative approach to best practices for the contact center industry. BenchmarkPortal hosts the world’s largest database of contact center metrics, which is constantly being refreshed with new data. BenchmarkPortal’s mission is to provide contact center managers with the tools and information that will help them optimize their efficiency and effectiveness in their customer communications. For more information on BenchmarkPortal please call 1-800-214-8929 or visit

About Questar Assessment Inc.
Questar Assessment Inc. is a K–12 assessment solutions provider focused on building a bridge between learning and accountability. We take a fresh and innovative approach to meaningful assessment design, delivery, scoring, analysis, and reporting. And we are reimagining how assessments can empower educators by giving them the insights they need to improve instruction and fully prepare students for college or career. Our high-quality, reliable assessment products and services are easily scaled and tailored to meet the specific needs of states and districts needs at an unprecedented value. Educators trust our high-performing teams and dependable technology to minimize risks and ensure success for states, districts, schools, and students. Questar is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and can be reached at 800-800-2589 or