Working At Questar
At Questar, we are proud of our company and our employees. We firmly believe that our growth and success are the direct results of the individual efforts of the people who have helped to make Questar the vibrant company it is today.
Each Questar employee is viewed as an individual with unique abilities. Our team is bright, dedicated, and hard-working. An attitude of “getting the job done right” and our commitment to unparalleled quality and customer service are the cornerstones of the success of our employees and, ultimately, of Questar. Although we cannot teach loyalty, trust, or work ethic, we can provide a friendly and comfortable working environment where these traits are encouraged and valued.
Career Opportunities
If you are interested in joining the Questar team, please submit your resume to Human Resources.  You can also apply from each of the current career openings listed below.
Questar Assessment, Inc.
5550 Upper 147th Street West
Apple Valley, MN 55124
Fax: (952)997-0804
Current Career Opportunities
Following is a list of our current career openings.